After a total of 6 overnight Megabus trips in America plus 2 in Europe, we unfortunately now regard ourselves as experts when it comes to the dreaded overnight Megabus. Taking an overnight bus is not just a trip it is a military operation that begins before you even see the bus, preparing yourself properly for the bus can make all the difference to your trip, in particular the amount of sleep, the tips below will help assist you; 

  1. First and foremost, especially in America, Megabus buses tend to run at an air con temperature that is equal to arctic conditions, from what we have gathered this is pre programmed so WEAR LAYERS, take a blanket and anything cosy and warm! You will thank yourself later! I even took a heat pad on one of our buses which worked a treat!
  2. When I last took an overnight bus in Europe they didn’t have any stops along the way, (please let me know if this has changed) – in America they have at least 2 stops on an overnight bus ride but either way ALWAYS make sure you have some water and food on the journey. Between us we went through about 3 litres of water each trip (probably due the excessive air con).
  3. Ladies (and gents) pack a bag of essentials, I packed one for both of us, which contained things like; face wipes, moisturiser, paracetamol, ibuprofen, hand creme, mascara (for me), just anything that you think will make you feel a bit more human during the trip (we both were ill when we took the buses hence all the pain and fever relievers). 
  4. I have just mentioned them but face wipes/wet wipes are a MUST, they are absolute savours in so many bus situations! Not only can they help freshen you up BUT they often don’t have running water on the bus so they’re quite nice to clean your hands with. 
  5. Buy a neck cushion. English readers – Poundland now sell neck cushions however if you are taking a lot of overnight journeys then I would suggest buying a decent one (my Poundland cushion only lasted 2 x overnight bus journeys), it is amazing how much they make a difference to your ability to sleep on the bus. 
  6. HEADPHONES. Do yourself a favour and take your headphones, you will thank yourself later – we had a 12 hour bus journey to New York with a toddler playing ‘Let it go’ from Frozen over and over and over for at least 3-4 hours, headphones saved the day!
  7. It is essential that you arrive 30 mins to an hour before your bus is due to leave, this is to ensure you get a good place in line and therefore the all important first pick at a seat!

And always remember, you have picked one of the cheapest ways to get around countries such as America. The fact that you have saved a load of money that would be better spent on fun things to do helps you get through the trip (trust me Winking face). 

Essential items for a Megabus trip;

Neck cushion


Socks/long trousers/tshirt/jumper

Pashmina/shawl – to be put round the shoulders

Small bag of essentials/freshen up supplies.

Reading material/ headphones for music 

Phone charger (you can charge your phone on the bus)

TOP TIP £££! We had a nightmare journey from Buffalo to Toronto which involved a driver and a passenger. We emailed Megabus to let them know about the driver (mainly because we had had amazing drivers and we felt this one let the team down) and we were offered 4 x one way tickets for free on any journey we wanted-sometimes it pays to send a nice email detailing a bad situation!


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