Travel booking is both arduous and exciting. This modern world allows us to easily use travel booking websites. A good travel booking website has clear and concise information with regards to the area/activity/accommodation and price. We use STA, Rough Guides and Trip Advisor to plan our trips and the selection of websites below to book.

  1. Skyscanner – Skyscanner is a fantastic website, not only does it compare flight prices but it also compares car hire and hotels around the world. Everytime we have used this site it has always come out with the genuine cheapest on each the hotels, car hire and flights. TIP: Be aware that flights may turn out more expensive than first thought due to baggage fees etc.
  2. Airbnb – We use airbnb when we really want to immerse ourselves into a place. It is the only site where you can book a place to stay and feel like a local. We always look to airbnb when hotels and hostels in an area are a bit expensive, as airbnb generally works out cheaper, it is also great if you have a group of people going to an area as it can work out the same price or cheaper than hotels or hostels and you have the choice to rent a whole house or apartment. It is a fantastically easy site and app to use and to book with, a trusted site with a really unique selection of places to stay.
  3. – is great for getting a good look at a hotel you want to book, it always has lots of information and a great selection of photos for each place. It can sometimes work out a bit more expensive but it is a very easy site to use and to book with. TIP: If you book with them enough then you can become a ‘genius’ which theoretically gets you 10% off future bookings.
  4. Expedia – Expedia is one of my favourite sites, mainly because it is clear and easy site to use but also because they always have discount codes you can use and if you have a nectar card then you can also get nectar points on your bookings, win – win. Everything is very reasonably priced and you can book and compare everything from hotels to flights to last minute breaks and even car hire.
  5. ebookers – The beauty of ebookers is that you get ‘cashback’ on certain purchases, in addition to this their app always has a great discount code that you can double up with an existing hotel offer AND then still get cashback. The downside to ebookers is you have to be careful and research the hotels as they do often come out more expensive than other sites although there are still some good deals to be found!
  6. Hostelbookers and Hostelworld – If you’re looking to stay in a hostel these are the sites/apps for you. Both have no booking fees and a great selection of hostels around the world. Once you find a hostel you would like to stay in, always compare it with the other site as it may be cheaper. Discount codes are frequent so always check for them too. TIP: Be aware – when booking they ask you to pay a deposit instead of the whole payment, this can be a good or bad thing depending on your requirements.
  7. Trivago – Trivago is a smart comparison website and app for hotel bookings. It is fairly easy to use and has some stunning hotels listed with it. Booking is also fairly easy although it often comes out more expensive than other sites. If money is no object and you want to stay in a nice fancy hotel, then this is the site for you! Having said that we have got some great deals on this website in the past so it is always worth a check!

When booking our travels we study each of the websites above to ensure that we are both travelling to and staying in the best location for the best price. We find STARough Guides and Trip Advisor very helpful website’s for planning a route and then the websites above for filling in the details – accommodation, travel etc. There is ALWAYS a special deal available and money to be saved so if you are on a strict budget keep this in mind!

Comment below with any other travel websites that are good for planning and booking, we would love to hear about them!




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