After a total of 6 overnight Megabus trips in America plus 2 in Europe, we unfortunately now regard ourselves as experts when it comes to the dreaded overnight Megabus. Taking an overnight bus is not just a trip it is a military operation that begins before you even see the bus, preparing yourself properly for the bus can make all the difference to your trip, in … Continue reading

Travel booking is both arduous and exciting. This modern world allows us to easily use travel booking websites. A good travel booking website has clear and concise information with regards to the area/activity/accommodation and price. We use STA, Rough Guides and Trip Advisor to plan our trips and the selection of websites below to book. Skyscanner – Skyscanner is a fantastic website, not only does it compare flight … Continue reading

Packing for a long journey is an art that oh so often goes wrong and haunts you for your whole trip. The tips below are our learned lessons, mistakes we’ve made on short and long holidays and how we have learnt to rectify them. Planning ahead is a must with packing – I tend to put bits and bobs into my bag weeks/months before the … Continue reading