So, you’ve decided you want to travel. To travel means ‘to make a journey, of some length’ and it is a word which can be applied to both short weekend breaks and longer journeys. As long as you are leaving your home comforts behind, you are travelling and good for you!

To plan your first trip it can be difficult to know where to start and that is why our first blog topic is taking it right back to the beginning, where the travel seed has just been planted and you’re thinking ‘Hey, it’ll be cool to go travelling, but where would I start?’, look no further my friend, help has arrived!

  1. First think about what you want out of the trip. Do you want to explore? Do you want to relax? Do you want to be active? Do you just want to go shopping!? In the correct location you can do each of these options, but often that is not the case. The best solution is to research, research, research, ask anyone and everyone you know about countries and locations, narrow it down and pick.
  2. Who do you want to go with? If anyone! Sometimes it is nice to travel by yourself, do your own thing and meet people along the way, however it is equally as nice to travel with people you know and create new memories with them.
  3. How long will you go for? Will it be a quick weekend break or a year long trip? A quick weekend break limits the locations to which you can travel whereas with a longer trip you can really get knees deep into travel plans. How long you travel for also depends on your budget…
  4. Money, how much money you have will determine how many places you can go and how long you can spend in each place. It will also determine where you can stay, whether it’s 5 star hotels or the $10 a night hostel, how you travel (plane, bus, train or car) and your activities at the eventual location.
  5. Climate is a big one to think about! Always check the average weather stats of the places you plan to go. I made the mistake of not doing this on our first big trip and ended up hitting most of America in cooler temperatures than I expected, we arrived at Yosemite when there was snow on the ground and a highs of -1 degrees celcius only to realise we hadn’t booked a heated tent! Luckily we had planned to go to Toronto so had some warm clothes with us but the wardrobe was limited.
  6. Visa’s, always check the visa regulations in the countries you are visiting. With America, for example, you need an ESTA which is easy to apply for online and costs approximately £9. If you plan to work whilst you are away, ensure you look into the foreign employment laws for the country and working holiday visa’s before you go. Some visa’s can take up to 6 weeks to be approved or be highly competitive such as The Canadian IEC!
  7. As Nike so gracefully preach in their advertising campaigns, JUST DO IT! Go to that place you have always dreamed of visiting, do that activity that you have seen all over Facebook but never had the opportunity to take part in, prepare to meet lots of new friends and above all, as a stranger in Costa Rica reminded us (after a few rums), Travel is not ‘expensive’, it is an investment into priceless memories!

explorbis plan 1For more travel inspiration check out our Instagram page @explorbis


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